30 Minutes in the Life : May 2015

May 21, 2015  •  7 Comments

A very random day out with my kids. It was during the week. My son had been home with a stomach bug the day before and his school required him to stay home one more day. He was fine to go but rules are rules; besides I like having both my kids home so we went on a little road trip to a park in Danbury, Connecticut.

For the photography set that may read this, the challenge for me was to shoot everything at f1.4.  I always play it more safe at f3.5.  Well, 30 minutes at the park at f1.4 and the aperture has been there since!

Once f1.4, f3.5 goes out the door? Has a nice ring to it....

Please head on to my neighbor the fabulous Hayley Hay Photography to see how she spent 30 minutes this month!




Charlotte Kitchenside(non-registered)
Meagan, your kids are just adorable! Those freckles your son has!! I also shoot wide open 99% of the time but I love that you'd set yourself a challenge this month and you rocked it! What a lovely day it looks!
Polina Bulman(non-registered)
Megan, first of all I have to admit, that "random day" is always my favorite! Second - I used to shoot with 1.4 most of the time, but little by little it got to 2.5. To be safe! :) I love the idea of doing 30 minutes of just 1.4. Really fun! Pictures are gorgeous! I really enjoyed this post!
Meagan, I absolutely love these images. I love how close your children are. They are just adorable. There are so many wonderful images in this set. You will cherish these forever. I love getting to see this piece of your world.
Colleen P(non-registered)
Meagan -- you nailed 1.4!!! Nice!!! Your kids are so so so cute! I love how much they love to be together. These photos are wonderful :)
Meagan, these are fabulous!! I love he one of your daughter in the field of yellow flowers.
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