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Here's the thing. There's no navigation system for life; no map,  no clear path.  Just a series of twists and turns....we guess which way to go, get lost, turn around and try again. Sometimes we end up on the right path. Sometimes, we think we are on the right path only to find out, often too late, that it's the wrong path altogether. Then we are left with yet another choice: stay the path or hop off into the unknown (again)?  The kicker is this, there's  no right or wrong answer. Confused yet? If not, then you are better off than me - LOL!

I think I am an optimist.  If something isn't right, I figure it out, look for the positive aspects and move on. You can cry over the "spilt milk", which will help and is perfectly acceptable, but at the end of the day, it's still your "spilt milk". The tears don't make it go away. So cry, mourn what isn't (or what is) but accept it and move forward.

As I watched my daughter weave in and out of the weeping branches of this tree, I had these thoughts. She dodged, weaved and pretended she was lost. In the small gaps of clearance between the hanging branches she smiled and laughed. As she approached clusters of twisted branches she carefully maneuvered through them, parting them ever so carefully.  It felt so much like life.  I just clicked away even when I didn't have a clear view of her....again, so much like life. Things will rarely be clear to us. Oftentimes it won't be until very much later that we understand the reasons why things happened as they did.  



S Halligan(non-registered)
Beautiful captures and words so true about life. Fantastic.
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