Meagan Dwyer Photography | The Daily Frame : May 8 2015

The Daily Frame : May 8 2015

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Welcome to my week!!


The Daily Frame | 127 of 365:

"He ain't heavy...he's my brother." ~song lyric by The Hollies 1969

This is just an extra image I took between #126 and #127 that I love. At the end of the year I want to turn this project into a memory album for my children.  I am trying really hard to keep it to one photo a day...BUT some days (some weeks) it's just too hard....

The Daily Frame | 126 of 365:

child: "Mommy, how long will it take for my wishes to come true?"

mother: Sometimes it can take a lifetime.

child: "That's a long time to wait."

mother: "Don't wait my child."

child: "What do you mean? I don't understand."

mother: "Sometimes if you want that wish to come true, you have to make your wish come true."

~author unknown

The Daily Frame | 125 of 365:

“May Light always surround you;
Hope kindle and rebound you.
May your Hurts turn to Healing;
Your Heart embrace Feeling.
May Wounds become Wisdom;
Every Kindness a Prism.
May Laughter infect you;
Your Passion resurrect you.
May Goodness inspire 
your Deepest Desires.
Through all that you Reach For, 
May your arms Never Tire.” 
― D. Simone

'Somethings' to wish for.

The Daily Frame | 124 of 365:

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening." ~Coco Chanel

The Sundress.

The Daily Frame | 123 of 365:

“She turned to the sunlight
And shook her yellow head,
And whispered to her neighbor:
"Winter is dead.” 
― A.A. Milne, When We Were Very Young

Lake season has begun!

The Daily Frame | 122 of 365:

Touch the earth.

The Daily Frame | 121 of 365:

I couldn't choose just one....I have this fear of forgetting memories or of them forgetting as they grow older. I hope they they don't remember me as the mommy who always had the camera but the mommy who wanted to preserve childhood for them....

"Leftovers in their less visible form are called memories. Stored in the refrigerator of the mind and the cupboard of the heart." ~Thomas Fuller

That's a wrap my friends!  Now head on to Colleen Putnam Photography and see how she spent her week!!








Colleen P(non-registered)
Wow these are all so gorgeous -- I love the way you photograph your kids. They always look so happy and full of love :)
Liz Godfrey(non-registered)
What wonderful images you have captured this week! Love the details and joy of childhood that shines through these images.
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