Meagan Dwyer Photography | Life Unscripted : August 2015

Life Unscripted : August 2015

August 23, 2015  •  8 Comments



  • 1.said or delivered without a prepared script; impromptu

Welcome to the blog circle of Life Unscripted. Since I take my camera with me everywhere and it's mostly to capture my kids.  It's safe to say that everything I photograph is unscripted.  I very rarely pose them for photos.  My favorite way to shoot is to let them do their thing and I'm just ready to capture their lives.  These are going to be their photographs one day.  I want them to be able to show their spouses, children, friends, whoever really, what they were like as children.  I want these photos to remind them who they were growing up.  I want these photos to answer questions they may have. Because as much as I want to remember everything, it's just not possible. My children ask me questions about  my childhood....many, too many, questions I can't answer.  I ask my siblings and we all remember different things.  So my kids have photographs.....lots and lots of photographs.  I can't guarantee they will have answers to everything in life, what parent can? But I can guarantee that they will have answered questions about their childhood....


My August Life {Unscripted}....


Did I like the water as a kid? Yes.

Did I like getting dirty? Did you let me get dirty? Yes and Yes.

Did we ever stop to smell the roses (or examine a lady bug on the car window)? Yes. 

Did you let us get the grossest ice cream choice from The Ice Cream Truck and choose the yuckiest toppings at the frozen yogurt shop? Yes.

(the following shots needed to be in color...)

Did we ever go camping? Did we like it? Yes and Yes.

Did we like amusement park rides? one of you did (the slow rides). one of you didn't.

the only ride your sister liked...

What was it like when I lost a tooth? you were relieved, your cousin was excited and your sister was a little grossed out.


One other question all these images answers is,  "Who did we spend most of our time with as kids?" Your cousins; your favorite people in the whole world.

These are just some of the questions that will be answered...but there are so many more.

This completes my August installment of Life {Unscripted}. Please knock on the door of my neighbor, Natalie Wiseman Wheeler, to see her Life {Unscripted}!! Knock here.


















You capture joy the best! I smile when i look at these I smile BIG!
Beautiful! I simply love the little people in your life! You are an inspiration!
I love how you presented these. What a great perspective! And they're all just so good. I love the one with her dirty face <3
Lovely lovely lovely!!!! I love all the black and white too! Xo
the tire swing one with them laughing is the BEST! Love them all though.
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