Meagan Dwyer Photography | Life {Unscripted} : November


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Greetings and Salutations! Welcome to my November installment of Life {Unscripted}.     

I live in good 'ole Suburbia.  Not in a house in the country with rolling hills and magnificent views everywhere you turn.  There's lots of concrete and cars...sidewalks, a main street running right through my quiet little apartment community and many, many garden style apartment buildings. 

So it can be hard to take a nice picture without some of these lovely elements in my pictures.  So instead of trying to avoid them, I thought I'd show you what it would look like if they were in every picture (well most of them).

This is my world.


Thursday is recycle day.  We collected these beauties on our walk back from the bus stop!  

Sidewalk Shadow.

Meeting friends on a corner.

Not all courtyards in the community have as nice a pathway as this one.  So we often go over to this courtyard to play and ride bikes.  Mommy likes to use this pathway as a interesting textured background for a photo opportunity.

This is large weird looking tree outside our apartment.  The lower area of the red leaves is photo-shopped in...someone's living room was in the picture.  Sometimes the neighborhood just needs to be edited out :)

There are so many trees.  Tree lined streets and courtyards = lots and lots of leaves in the Fall.  


We spend a lot of time in the neighborhood playground - Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.  This playground is never lonely and makes several appearances in my images.

Playground Time: First cold November day 2014.


Playground Time: Indian Summer November 2014 (64 degrees and sunny!)


Playground Time: Early Summer 2014.


This Veteran's Day with my Dad's folded flag.  In my mind I saw this before I took it, all with the exception of the playground  in the background but sometimes capturing the elements around us just can't be avoided.  His expression just would not have been the same had I stopped and asked him to pose with a nicer background...truly {unscripted}.

Waiting for friends at the crosswalk.

Nightfall in my neighborhood.


November Portraits Of....

My Girl.

My Boy.


Thank you for visiting!  Come again soon!  Now, head on to my Life {unscripted} neighbor the one and only Danielle Aisling!!