Meagan Dwyer Photography | The Daily Frame : June 12 2015

The Daily Frame | 157 of 365:

"The world is yours!" ~Sprite can

He turned 7 on Friday. The world is most definitely yours my son!! Happy Birthday! (ps: he wasn't drinking the soda....I just loved the quote on the side...appropriate for his day).

Today (Saturday) was his party with his friends from school -- 18 boys at a lake with water guns! Needless to say fun was had!


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The Daily Frame | 159 of 365:

Summer fun.



The Daily Frame 160 of 365:

So I had an off shooting day yesterday and wasn't pleased with my pic of the day and then my friend Crystal Raynard Photography (she's awesome btw!) gave me her feelings behind the image.....

"To me this picture is so much more then a girl in suburbia....
To me it looks like she is daydreaming about the world beyond the puddle. Leaving the grey street and metal cars behind, just dive into the sparkling green tree blue sky puddle and get away from all the noise."

I get by with a little help from my friends...thank you Crystal!