Meagan Dwyer Photography | Inner Ramblings: She played in the dirt....


“The way I see it, the difference between farmers and suburbanites is the difference in the way we feel about dirt. To them, the earth is something to be respected and preserved, but dirt gets no respect. A farmer likes dirt. Suburbanites like to get rid of it.”  ~E.L. KonigsburgThe View from Saturday

We walked over to the school's baseball field while we waited for her brother to finish his hour long religion class.  There wasn't a playground to be found.  So I taught what little I know about baseball: that it's called a diamond and showed her its' shape, how to stand holding a bat, how to run the bases, and from where the pitcher throws the ball.  I'm not a baseball enthusiast so I pretty quickly ran out of things to tell her about.

That's when she found the dirt. At first I pulled her away from it saying Mommy things like, "you'll get dirty" and "don't throw it you'll get dirt in your eyes" and "look at your finger nails, ughhh" and "your clothes are destroyed".  

Then I realized two things:

1. She was going to want to play in it regardless what I said


2. We had 45 minutes to kill, so how bad could it be

She may not have walked away from this time with a love of baseball but definitely with a love for dirt.

Next week I'll bring a baseball and bat. :)